Tastes Like Love – Valentines Specials From Some of London’s Best Caterers

It’s that time of year again – half of us are showered with gifts of love and affection, full of joy and romance, while the other half drink gin and watch Notting Hill (no prizes for guessing what I’m doing tonight).

As with most holidays all is made better by incredible food so I’ve gathered a few of the best tips and inspirational V-Day menus from some of our favourite London caterers:

A Little Passion in a Cake – Cooks and Partners Red Velvet Cupcake RecipeImage

“It’s Valentine’s Day looming and you’re thinking hard to find something special for your someone special…How about these sensuously rich Red Velvet Cupcakes? A little passion in a cupcake…made by your own fair hands…”

Find the recipe at www.cooksandpartners.co.uk/blog/ and if you’re alone this Valentines Day remember cake will always love you back!

Bleeding Love – Bubble Food’s Valentine Creation


“Bubble Food, the innovative food design and events company reveal their most carnal creation ever, as they present Bleeding Love.

Bleeding Love takes some classic aphrodisiac ingredients and imbues them with a little molecular magic to produce a very contemporary love potion: champagne caviar sabayon served with a bitter chocolate crispy strawberry and liquid cherries.

The result is a veritable taste explosion that will get anyone who succumbs to its exquisite charms in the mood for some serious romance this 14th February”.

For more visit http://www.itsrudetostare.com/bleeding-love-bubble-foods-valentine-creation/ or go to their website www.bubblefood.com to fall in love some more.

Nothing Says Love Like Nitrogen – Nomad Food & Design’s Nitrogen Cooking


“Nitrogen at minus 321 degrees fahrenheit will ‘flash freeze’ any food that it touches. At this temperature it is in a liquid state and will appear to ‘boil’ creating a dense nitrogen fog that adds drama and atmosphere to the culinary presentation as it changes to its gaseous state.

nomad food and design has safely perfected the process and now makes it available for all to marvel at during events”.

‘freeze cooking’ allows for the rapid creation of tiny ice crystals in the food giving a smooth texture which can enhance flavours on the palate.”

Vist www.nomadlondon.co.uk for more innovative dishes to make your heart swoon and your mouth water.

The Taste of Love – Zafferano’s Top Ten Amorous Foods


“We’ve tried and tested them all. By common consensus, Zafferano’s top ten amorous foods are:

  • Avocado,
  • Arugula (rocket),
  • Almonds and asparagus,
  • Chilli,
  • Coffee and chocolate,
  • Oysters,
  • Honey, and
  • Figs”

The way to a man (or woman’s) heart really is through the stomach, and Zafferano knows very well how to do it right! Visit www.zafferano.co.uk for more!

One for Me, One for You – His and Hers Cocktail Dessert Boxes from Seasoned Events


(As the geniuses at Seasoned came up with the idea on the spot this is not a photo of the dessert boxes, looks just as tasty though!)

The perfect V-Day treat comes in pairs and comes with booze! Seasoned Events recommend a duo of bitter chocolate shells filled with bespoke personalised alcoholic mousses:

  • For Her: English blackberry Chambord laced with vodka and pineapple crisps
  • For Him: Spiced Bramley apple and brandy

Visit www.seasonedevents.co.uk where it’s always the season of love!

Our Very Own Valentines Special – Garba’s King Prawn Linguine


The cafe at the Louise Blouin Foundation has been feeling the love today with a Valentines Day special from our wonderful chefs. Punters at Olaf Street were treated to a beautiful linguine with king prawns, fresh baby plum tomatoes, spring onions and dill with rocket salad.

The cafe is open every weekday for lunch at the Louise Blouin Foundation 3 Olaf Street, London, W11 4BE.

So there you have it, a mix of culinary delights to see you through Valentines Day and make you fall in love over and over and over again!

Get in touch:


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