Two Weeks Since Pop Modern – The Portobello Urban Art Festival

“A smorgasbord of artistic diversity laced through
with a neatly 
anti-establishment philosophy” –
London City Nights 


It’s been exactly 2 weeks since Pop Modern was launched on London and so much happened that I’ve barely had time to blog about it.. and I still don’t! So get over to for all the juicy info and the Louise Blouin Foundation’s photo album for all the best snaps.


Over 200 attended our fantastic opening night, another 200 attended our How Jamaica Conquered The World event and another 200 were in an out throughout the weekend.. nice round numbers you lot!


Visitors enjoyed existing and original works from some of the UK’s hottest street artists including Inkie, Joe Rush, Wreckage Int, Teddy Baden, Giles Walker, Peter Dunne, Lucy Sparrow, Cosmo Sarson, #CODEFC, Sickboy and Dotmasters.


e’ll be posting more all month on  including interviews with the artists and plans for next year!

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